Come for the Worcestershire, Stay for the Cake: It’s Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner’s Third Birthday!

It’s been three whole years since I first broke blog ground (with a post about Worcestershire sauce, no less), so it seems only necessary to mark this most special occasion with a video about both the history and making of Worcestershire sauce. It’s as fascinating as much as it now makes perfect sense why I love the stuff. Old things and onions and garlic and tamarind and a secret blend of spices? How very all-my-favorite-flavors-I-love-meets-the-Colonel’s-Kentucky-Fried-Chicken. PUT IT IN MY MOUTH, PLEASE!

And look, if Worcestershire sauce isn’t your thing (though why wouldn’t it be?), there’s also cake! A very special GIF cake I made to mark the day, no less:

Doesn’t it look simply delicious, like a stripper pole or a big ol’ bowl of Doggy Chow? Of course it does. Today, Nomi Malone knows what we’re all talking about. Happy birthday, my blog!

3 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Baby, you don’t cum around often enough. Sue


    • Girrrl, tell me about it! I’m thinking it’s about time I change that! And thanks, Sue! It’s always nice to see you drop by!


  2. Happy birthday! We have to celebrate–and I love the way you mark each new year with a blog about my Granddad’s favourite sauce! We’ll get some in for you to have with your bahn mi!


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