In Honor of 30 Rock Returning to TV: Here’s a Picture of Tina Fey and a Homeless Man

tina fey being the best

Whatever the situation behind this is, it only reaffirms that Tina Fey is the best. Taking a moment to pose with the rest of us? (Aka, those not responsible for writing Mean Girls and 30 Rock.) Clearly, the best.

(And seriously, I’ve been reading Bossypants, and she really is the absolute best. I’m welcome to a debate in the comments. But I might shut you down. Moving on.)

Still, I’ve questions. Well, one question, which is: Is that Moonvest?

In case you’re confused by my quandary, I’ve rewatched this video several times, and I think this guy might be Moonvest, but there’s been so much talk about beards in entertainment news these past few days (Taylor Swift to star in the film production of Les Miserables!) that I might be getting confused. Too much beard talk and they all start to look the same.

Still, I hope, nay, pray it might be Moonvest, my second* most favorite random 30 Rock joke, ever. Irregardless: GIMME YOUR FINGERNAILS!

Oh, and a great hurrah for 30 Rock‘s return!

Much love to Buzzfeed for this.

*”WHITE DIAMONDS!!!” will forever remain my first love. EVER!

4 Responses

  1. Looks like Robin Williams committing to a new role to me….


  2. Ooh my gosh. It IS Moonvest!


  3. Nice to see Joe Pesci working again. Is this the set of With Honors 2?


  4. That’s Radioman dude.
    Don’t you know him?
    He is super famous.


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