An Excellent New York Times Correction About My Little Pony

Well, everything about this is the best. Obviously.

For starters, this correction is positively adorable. If it hasn’t already, somebody should option this, because I’d pay to see the unabashedly twee indie rom com inspired by this correction, even though the high concept pitch reads like a waking nightmare (“It’s A Beautiful Mind meets Garden State meets an 80s cartoon acid flashback!”). Michel Gondry can direct a script by Diablo Cody, and it’ll star Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and this guy (link NSFW) as the pony. It would be insaaane.

More importantly, though, it’s really quite marvelous that the Gray Lady, bastion of fine and upstanding reporting that she is, had to print a correction about which magical pony from an animated children’s program is this girl’s emotional spirit animal. I really like imagining some editor at the Times smugly stand atop a mountain of newspapers like Orson Wells, swirling a brandy snifter while thinking nobody would catch their little Pony faux pas, which is clearly part of the liberal agenda. BUT NO! This is the interwebs, dear sirs, and people on the interwebs don’t play when it comes to My Little Pony. This showtunes medley knows what I’m talking about.

Much love to Best Week Ever for this one.

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