Here’s Some Really Great Dancing at an Outdoor Rave for Your Friday

You might think Black Tank Top’s having all the fun (check out her cool dance moves! Arms! Head bops! ARMS! COOL MOVES, GIRLFRIEND!!!), but you’d be wrong! It’s actually Red Polo that’s winning this outdoor rave. Seriously. He’s killing it like a zombie. Here, just take a look, and you’ll see what I’m talking about:

You know, I find it curious that this video is called “LSD Fail,” because I’m pretty sure this guy is doing is everything but failing. Besides, isn’t this basically what every raver dances like? Wouldn’t a better title be something like “Normal Rave Dancing”? Or “When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will rave dance the Earth”? Whatever. Like I said: like a zombie. Sparkle, Zombie, SPARKLE!

Much love to Videogum for this one.

One Response

  1. Lindsey was on the wish-list to be an actress for “SHOWGIRLS 2: PENNY’S FROM HEAVEN”… which is showing in We Ho this Thursday at Sunset 5 Laemmle Theatre!!!!


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