This Woman at KFC Isn’t Being Rude. She Just Wants More Butter!

After the jump, we have a video of a the long lost third member of The Good Girls, who’s apparently preemptively traded in the glamorous life of global superstardom for an even more glamorous life as a British bag lady. NO! It’s woman throwing a sh*tfit at a KFC in Brighton. The crime? They won’t give her any more butter! Sacré beurre! (See what I did there?) Anyways, the language is salty, so if you happen to be at work, you probably shouldn’t be on this site pinkies out and headphones up, y’all:

I mean, for f*ck’s sake! F*ck the fact that there are children around, and f*ck you for f*cking treating her like a f*cking street person! (She’s not! Really!) You’re from another country and she’s British, so sit the f*ck down, you motherf*cker! All this woman wants is some more f*cking butter for her f*cking corn! Is that so much to f*cking ask for? It’s f*cking butter, which is worth getting riled up for like it was tons of f*cking sequins or singing the f*ck out “I Will Always Love You”! This is a perfectly f*cking reasonable response! Just ask Paula f*cking Deen! Sh*te!

(Also, as a total aside, but there are KFCs in Britain? Of all the possible culinary exports, we give them KFC? And we can’t even get faggots this side of the Atlantic? What a culinary f*cking crime, y’all.)

Much f*cking love to Buzzfeed for this one.

One Response

  1. There are KFC’s alas in England. But not many of them come with such great street theater.


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