The Robot Apocalypse Will Be Competing in the Horizontal Bar at the 2012 London Olympics

Look, I recognize it’s been a while since I’ve come around and tended to this little corner of the internet, but it doesn’t mean my feelings have change about what we share over at this little corner of the internet where camp is queen, and it definitely doesn’t mean my feelings have changed about the Robot Apocalypse. No no, much like Geena Davis insisted to the hooker in David Cronenberg’s The Fly, we should all be afraid. Be very afraid. The case against gymnast robot no. 8, Kovacs, is no different.

Sure, despite the rag doll ponytail, highly limited routine (just one release and regrasp, and it was kinda sloppy?), or the fact that he/she/shim/it can’t get on or dismount the high bar without human assistance, those cold, red eyes mean only one thing, y’all: Kovacs is clearly going for the gold. IN WORLD DOMINATION!

Besides, if the high bars are first to fall to our robot masters, who knows where the terror will end? I simply shudder at the thought of what horrors shall come at the hands of Bipsy, synchronized swinning robot no. 37.

Much love to Have you seen this?! by way of Videogum for this one.

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  1. So pleased to see you back blogging!


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