Irresponsible Mad Men Recaps Are Back, Irresponsibler Than Ever!

Obviously this is you right now in light of such news, but calm it down, Sally Draper. Simply put, the decision to bring back Irresponsible Mad Men Recaps has come on the heels of a few pressing issues I’ve been meaning to address:

  1. Recapping the first episode, posting a GIF of Peggy on a motorcycle, and making a Peggy faceplant GIF do not a recapped fourth season make, and blog promises are still promises, so suffice it to say, we (me, fourth season Mad Men, and the award-worthy Miss Blankenship) have some unfinished business to attend to.
  2. As of Wednesday, all four seasons of Mad Men were made available on Netflix streaming, which is already a perfectly good reason to revisit the series, particularly since season five of Mad Men won’t air until 2012, and Mad Men withdrawal is a bitch on par with Betty Draper season ALL OF THEM. Besides, Mad Men streams to your TV in High Definition, and my roommate’s new HD TV has proven to be such a visual revelation that my eyeballs are now indiscriminate content sluts, so it’d do me good to try and reinstate some viewing standards.
  3. Irresponsible Mad Men Recaps didn’t get kicking ’til the third season, which means two additional seasons never graced by my nuanced analysis and distinctive voice.
  4. It’s an excellent excuse to finally do a post devoted entirely to Trudy’s hats.
  5. And lastly, it’s the perfect excuse to repost a little piece of Pete Campbell perfection:

So fasten your seat belts, everybody. We’ve got four seasons and five months to get irresponsibly recapped and ready for the fifth season of Mad Men. It’s going to be one campy, crazy ride.

Much love to Whitney for the head’s up about Netflix and Moya for the seed of inspiration!

2 Responses

  1. I am now Sally Draper (and a bit of Pete Campbell) as I read this.


  2. Can we start having Mad Men Marathon nights in the apartment that involve old fashions, martini’s and 60s costumes?!


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