Please, Oh Please, OH PLEASE Let MTV Resurrect Bride & Tunnel

I’ll admit that I was tempted to head this post with a screen grab from when one of the male cast mates projectile vomits. I don’t know, it just felt like it’s more attention grabbing, but this being the blog that it is, I decided to go with the screen grab where a catfight erupts in a club and results with a girl getting shoved to the floor. My sensibilities are nothing if not consistent.

ANYWAYS, here’s a sizzle reel for MTV’s abandoned reality series Bridge & Tunnel. It’s basically like Jersey Shore, except it’s Staten Island. And everybody appears to live either at home or in a hotel? I don’t know. What I do know is that I haven’t gotten the trash TV train wreck tingles this bad since I saw the original Jersey Shore promo. The language is a little raw, but who cares? This show looks completely amazing:

Holy fuck, y’all. Like I said: AMAZING.

I’ll admit that a good amount of my enthusiasm probably comes from Jersey Shore Fatigue and a yearning for something younger and hungrier to come down the stairs. After all, Bridge & Tunnel is essentially the same formula in which a casting net thrown out into the garbage bucket of humanity in search of catfights, fist fights, f-bombs, thrown drinks, big hair, and general all-around classiness. It’s like someone detonated my secret fantasy television bomb! The only difference is that we’ve yet to award these nameless kids with overexposed instalebrity for doing what rewards the rest of us with hangovers and–if you’re extra lucky!–venereal diseases. America, we’ve been sleeping at the wheel!

So really, if there’s any justice in this pop culture wasteland, MTV needs to open up their vaults and release this show unto the world like a wild Snooki bomb:

Make it happen, MTV! Please, oh please, OH PLEASE make it happen!

Much love to the Village Voice by way of Videogum for this one.

UPDATE 7.27.11: A little more digging about (aka, actually reading the Voice‘s blog post) and wouldn’t you know it? The Village Voice has done an entire cover story about Brianna and Gabriella DeBartoli, the Staten Island sisters upon which Bridge & Tunnel is centered! And by the sounds of it, Bridge & Tunnel is far less trashy and way more–gasp!–nuanced than its deliberately sensationalized Jersey Shore-esque teaser? Well color me ever the more intrigued! Seriously, MTV, RELEASE THIS SHOW!!!

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  1. what is the track used when they’re fighting, please anyone?


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