Doug Hughs Is Going Places With “Lights, Camera, Agent!”

A music video that namechecks John Wayne, Spencer Tracy, James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, and yourself as a bid for fame and stardom? Oh, OH! This is rich! I bet Brad, our new favorite non-union actor-slash-model, is so p*ssed off right now that he didn’t think of this first. “Why didn’t I think of this first?!?”–Brad. And also probably Lindsay “Why wasn’t I in Black Swan?” Lohan, too, for that matter.

There’s just one thing bothering me about this video, though:

I’m not going to tell anybody how they should go about making their self-promotional music videos, but if you have to have old-man make up for your self-promotional video, it probably shouldn’t inspire reactions like “Gah, burn it with fire!”, nightmare seizures, and/or “Is that man on my local sex offender list?” Then again, my idea of acting involves making pronouncements histrionically and hurling brandy snifters into fireplaces (ACTING!), so I don’t really have any room to judge.

Much love to Videogum for this one.

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