There’s Only One Emmy Nomination That Actually Matters

mildred pierce kate winslet evan rachel wood

Well, well, well. The Emmy nominations are out today, and Todd Haynes’s adaptation of Mildred Pierce is the leading contender with a whopping 21 nominations. Given the pedigree and the attention to period detail, this doesn’t strike me as a big surprise, but meh? I admit that I never got past the second episode, and a dear friend whose taste I can reliably trust insists that the final episode’s a doozy, but I honestly found myself bored. The pace felt plodding instead of deliberate, everything looked like a museum exhibition instead of a part of the contemporary times, and I ultimately decided a better use of five hours would be rereading James M. Cain’s novel while imagining Joan Crawford as Mildred. Sorry, Mildred Pierce (2011), but congratulations all the same!

That said, there is a single nomination that may actually get me to give a flip for once and tune in to the Emmy’s this year:

Why it’s Randee Heller, Miss Blankenship, from the fourth season of Mad Men! Ms. Heller is up for Best Guest Actress in a Drama against Cara Buono (Mad Men), Mary McDonnell (The Closer), Joan Cusack (Shameless), Loretta Devine (Grey’s Anatomy), Julia Stiles (Dexter), and Alfre Woodard (True Blood), which makes this the only Emmy category I’ve any investment in, because it’s Miss motherfuckin’ Blankenship!

Sure, I kinda dropped the ball with my irresponsible Mad Men recaps this past season, but I’ll if I hadn’t, those recaps would’ve been a Miss Blankenship love train until *SPOILER ALERT* she headed off to the big S&M dungeon ad agency in the sky, at which point those recaps would’ve been group therapy sessions for our (my) irrepressible case of the boohoo crybaby tears. My point is that the Emmys should give this woman the award. NOW. That way brilliance is recognized, justice is served, and I still will have never watched the Emmys.

Much love to Dlisted for the news, and to Newsweek and Warming Glow for the respective pics.

4 Responses

  1. False. Peter Dinklage for Game of Thrones is the only Emmy nomination that matters.


  2. Hell yeah Mrs. Blankeship!


  3. Hell yeah Mrs. Blankenship!


  4. I also thought Mildred Pierce was overrated. I’d give Emmy nods to Michael Curtiz, Ann Blythe and Joan Crawford instead–just to make a point. You should read the Observer’s review of the mini-series–their critic just couldn’t see the point.

    And, yes, a thumbs up for Mrs. Blankenship.

    As it is nearly six months from Mad Men, I think you should start your recaps now to tide us over the summer.


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