Trampoline Kitty Is a Perfect Metaphor for Monday Mornings

trampoline kitty

Ugh, Mondays! Or should I say, “MUGHndays”? (Get it? GET IT?!?) Sometimes they’re not the worst, but most of the time they’re pretty much the worst. All any of us really want is just another day off, or at the very least a few hours more rest, but instead it’s a seemingly Sisyphean nightmare train of too-early alarm clocks and drowsy showers and overly congested morning commutes and not enough coffee in the world. GAH, GET ME OFF THIS TRAIN!!!

Incidentally, here’s a video of a cat on a trampoline which has been making the viral rounds. This cat is a perfect visual metaphor for our ineffable Monday morning pain, y’all:


Double love to Videogum for the video and the GIF!

One Response

  1. Hope your Monday is at least better than this cat’s. I want to pick him/her up and give them a reassuring cuddle and a bowl of treats. See you at the weekend.


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