“A Long Day’s Journey Into Cristal Connors” or: Let’s Watch This Hot Guy Work Some Drag Magic

If you told me that the guy above could go from hot bearded hipster gay (heyyyy) to the ravishing bitch and all-around rolemodel below:

My second response would be “I call your bluff.” (My first response would be “DON’T TOUCH THAT BEARD!!!”) I’m hardly saying it’d be impossible, but it’ll definitely take commitment. My clown lesbian fright drag Liza Minnelli is proof positive, y’all.

ANYWAYS, here’s a video of said bluff being called. It’s kinda NSFW on account of all the boobs, but this Showgirls we’re talking about, so tell your boss it’s ART. “A Long Day’s Journey Into Cristal Connors”:

Impressive, right? Not that any of us were being a Sister Aloysius or anything, but still, very nice.

And I’ll add as well that my favorite part is that he keeps the chest hair, which is great because I totally have a thing for otters, and smart because I’ve always made the foolish mistake of shaving my chest when I’ve done drag, and sweet fuck did it itch worse than a ten-cent tramp after a day at a dime convention.

Or, as Nomi Malone calls it: Wednesdays.

3 Responses

  1. Oh this is so great. Thank you. And I am so sorry that your chest hair itches when it comes back in…


  2. That was fast!


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