Another Treasure from Al Paradise: Elisa Scarrone’s “The Jungle Law”

You might be wondering what in the what is going on in the above amuse-bouche for your eyeballs. Don’t worry. Tending to this little corner of the interwebs means I get that a lot. Anyways, if I told you it was part of an opening number to the 80s Italian variety television show (and home to the inimitably batshit crazy, transcendentally dazzling dance stylings of Sara Carlson) Al Paradiso, would that be enough to entice you to entice you to watch what magic lies ahead after the jump? Or that Elisa Scarrone’s “The Jungle Law” is the most flamboyantly gay/European circus-themed event this side of a White Party inspired by a Siegfried & Roy show as interpreted by a K-hole? If that’s not enough to get your bouche amused, y’all, I don’t know what is, so let’s all sit down and watch Elisa Scarrone perform “The Jungle Law.”


Sure, Elisa Scarrone is no Sara Carlson (or these ladies, for that matter), but much like when Nomi Malone auditions to be the Cristal Connors’s understudy, Elisa’s got heat too, but in a totally different way, of course. And by heat, I mean a jungle cat costume made of tons of fucking sequins, the ability to give the sort of FACE that only a director putting on a community theater production of Stardust Hotel’s Goddess could appreciate, and the capacity to be a human maypole. Don Draper likes what I’m talking about:

mad men don draper maypole 1mad men miss farrell maypole 1mad men don draper maypole 2mad men miss farrell maypole 2mad men don draper maypole 3mad men don draper hand in grass

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