Because We Already Got Pregnant, Let’s All Go to Gina’s House!

Remember our hot new favorite summer jam, “I Got Pregnant”?

Of course you do. Anywho, because it’s completely amazeballs, and because I care about your cultural consumption (you’re looking so peaked; are you eating enough?), here’s the Fun Club’s original video (and source of inspiration for our favorite pop song about getting preggers), “Gina’s House”:

You know, I usually try and avoid the whole tanning thing, what with being such a pale shade of translucent and all. But Gina’s house has hot guys, glamorous beauties, classy accents, and a place where we can listen to the Black Eyed Peas on our Zunes. (OH THANK GOODNESS.) And best of all? It’s free!

So really, let’s go to Gina’s house, y’all. All we need is a bottle of wine. Or alcohol! Shall I bring the Patron?

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