‘Cos It Ain’t Summer Without a Summer Jam: “I Got Pregnant”

I don’t know about you guys, but it is f*cking hot as balls in NYC, y’all. Seriously, I grew up in the South, so I’m well aware that this is what summers do: they get hot. No duh. I’m also well aware of the fact, though, that at a certain temperature there’s only one effective way to really cool off: or sipping gin and tonics and fanning yourself on a plantation veranda. However, seeing as I sadly do not live in a Tennessee Williams play, we’ll have to try and cool off with our new summer jam, “I Got Pregnant”:

Seeing as this video’s from Liam Sullivan (he of Kelly’s “Shoes” fame), it should come as no surprise that this video is pretty great. But when you think about it, “I Got Pregnant” has all the essential ingredients of a classic summer jam: sick beats, buns in ovens, accents that fell out of a Mob Wives¬†marathon, whores, baby names that make Gwyneth Paltrow wish she’d thought of that, Zunes, and even a hint of fetal alcohol syndrome! What I’m trying to get at is that you really can’t ask for more, and if you can, either you’re being too picky, or this weather’s giving me a heat stroke that’s eating away at my already impossibly low standards. Either/or, when you think about it.

Much love to Buzzfeed for this one.

One Response

  1. Your standards are impossibly sublime. And this weather is impossible–something that even doughnut plant doughnuts cannot cure, even though it was fun sharing them with you today.


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