Meet Brad, Your New Favorite Non-Union Actor-Slash-Print Model

As you’ll see, he’s very good at what he does, which is ACTING-slash-MODELING:

Leave your aspirations at the door, Nomi Malone, and it looks like you’ve been dropped as Swan Queen, Nina Sayers. There’s always someone younger and hungrier and non-union coming down the stairs behind you, and he has arrived! IT’S BRAD’S TURN!

(On a side note, where did that monologue come from? Was it from Garden State? I feel like it had to have come from Garden State, because yikes! And if it didn’t come from Garden State, well, yiiikes.)

Much love to Videogum for this one.

2 Responses

  1. vince vaughn? yikes indeed.


  2. Someone hand me that Oscar so I can whack him over the head.


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