Sadie Says, “You Can Do Anything”

While I recognize that this video’s apparently a few years old, Monday mornings are always the best time for adorable video affirmations, so who are you to really disagree? Take it away, Sadie:

I’m sorry, but if that doesn’t hit you like a roundhouse kick of cuteness and youthful optimism straight to your baby maker, either you’re helpless or my fake ovaries (fauxvaries, if you will) are acting up (blame it on the Coldplay poster) and channeling one of my favorite scenes from Mean Girls:

Could be either/or, really. Whatever the case, I think this Sadie girl is onto something!

Sure, when you’re Sadie’s age, growing up seems like it’s about staying up late and making ice cream sundaes for breakfast (or donut bacon cheeseburgers, if that’s your thing) instead of adulthood’s hottest neck accessory: the albatross made from morning commutes, failure, regret, and taxes. (Speaking of which, can we talk about how hard life’s other certainty had its way with me this year? I get that we’re in a recession and running on trillions of dollars in deficit, so I don’t expect the four-course prix fixe with the Lobster Thermidor, but at least buy a girl a drink beforehand, Government! Seriously. Oops, I’ve digressed.)

Yes, we may not be able to do whatever we want whenever we want and all the time, but I think there’s a lovely sentiment at the heart of this video about making time each day to do what you want to do as opposed to supposed to do (like tending to this little corner of the interwebs, for example), and Sadie believes in us, so you know what? Cynicism and soul-crushing responsibilities be damned, y’all! Let’s go out there and do it!

All my love to The Daily What for this one.

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