A Very Happy 65th Birthday with a “B” to Our Beloved Liza with a “Z”!

It’s safe to say that over at this corner of the internet, my love for Liza Minnelli’s been rather well documented. For examples: Here and here. And also here. OH, and definitely here.

Anywho, given how Liza love abounds around here, you’d think I’d probably just throw up a picture of Liza in all her sequined glory, post a clip of her killing it on stage at the Palace (or anywhere else, when you think about it, because that’s what Liza Minelli does, y’all: She KILLS IT), she-screech a little about how much I think she’s one of our greatest living legends and national treasures, and then just call it a day. I mean, I could, and after all, it sorta wouldn’t be the first time. MAIS NON!

Liza turns 65 this year, and that’s a damn special year as far as I’m concerned! I’ll be happy if I can get about at all without the assistance of a Rascal Scooter when I’m 65, so strutting about the way Liza still does would be asking for a lot. As such, this year we’re doing things a bit different, y’all.

Above? We have a fabulous caricature by one of my favorite artists, Al Hirschfeld, from the galleries over at Flixster. And below? A stunning discovery I just made in the name of Liza Minnelli birthday post research. So ladies and gentlemen, it’s with greatest pleasure to present the hot piece of early-90s razzle-dazzle that is Liza Minnelli performing “Losing My Mind” on The Arsenio Hall Show:

I mean, obviously everybody’s initial reaction when you realize Liza Minnelli is looking absolutely ferocious in an outfit that would put Jennifer Beals circa Flashdance to shame and performing a rendition of a Stephen Sondheim song from a dance pop album she’d done with the Pet Shop Boys (besides possibly farting out a small rainbow from all the excitement) is to give a whole lotta this FACE:

An extremely rational response, I’d say.

But seriously, after the giddy shock has warn off and we’ve had a moment to change our pantaloons, I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that every moment after we’re all just feeling nothing but love. I’m loving this, you’re loving this, and I’m pretty sure this guy is loving it so much he warrants another remix.

So this post goes out to you, Liza Minnelli! You’re the definition of a star and an indescribable pleasure to behold whatever you’re doing, so here’s hoping your 65th birthday’s a real…KICK!

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  1. Glad to see you are back and writing again!


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