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TGIF! Now Here’s a Stripper Fight
February 4, 2011

Now don’t let this picture fool you. The video after the jump of two strippers shouting profanities and beating the crap out of each other most certainly lacks the glamour of my above “artistic”interpretation. Also, unlike a certain movie I just can’t stop talking about, everybody manages to keep all their clothes on (well, all of their clothes being relative to the fact that they–strippers–often aren’t wearing any, but I digress), the fight does not erupt when someone is accused of f*cking the meter reader, and nobody ends up getting shoved down a flight of stairs. I know, I know:

Regardless of such shortcomings, though, this stripper catfight is still totally worth watching because have you ever heard of a catfight that’s not worth watching?  I don’t think so. Anywho, it’s Friday, and we’ve all put in a hard week’s work, so let’s all sit back and enjoy the delicate beauty and irrepressible classiness of two strippers fighting:

Nomi Malone+Candy=ART. (And Deliciousness.)
February 3, 2011

Artist: Jason Mecier

Title: Nomi Licking Pole

Medium: Red Vines

Canonical Status: Move the f*ck over, Countess Luann.  Sure, I might not have the Art History cred necessary to recap an episode Bravo’s Work of Art, but I’m pretty certain this here’s a new contender for the Single Greatest Artistic Achievement of the 21st Century.  Rarely has the world’s most pristine whore/dancer/muse been rendered more scrumptious than a stripper pole.  Also, it doesn’t suck, which the same can’t be said that burrito your roommate bought you to celebrate you buying a dress from Versayce Versace.  Whatever.  The point is that you can’t stop putting things in your mouth (that’s what she said), and you CAN put this in your mouth once you’re done putting its gorgeousness in your face.  Like I said, Single Greatest Artistic Achievement of the 21st Century.

Though as always, Showgirls remains the Single Greatest Artistic Achievement of All Time.  Isn’t that right, long-irrelevant internet meme?


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