This Montage of Nicolas Cage Losing His Sh*t Is the Bestest. OBVIOUSLY.

Seeing as we’re still NO STREAMO at work, I can’t say for sure, but if there’s truth in advertising and/or YouTube videoclip titles, this one is presumably just Nicolas Cage acting (ACTING!) batshit insane, which we all know is a very special thing indeed. True fact: If we could successfully transform Nicolas Cage’s crazy into cash, we could wipe out global debt, find a cure for cancer, and still have enough coin left over to treat everyone in the world to mani-pedis.  TWICE.  Another true fact?  If Nicolas Cage’s crazy were an animal, it would a unicorn.  Or a hair bird:

It’s just that magical.

ANYWAYS, here’s that video I was going on tangents telling you about after the jump.  It’s by Harry Hanrahan, whose interweb glories include–but are not limited to–“The 100 Greatest Insults of All Time.” Whatever.  Enough blog talk.  Enjoy!

Perfection?  Why, it’s just Nicolas Cage continuously losing his shit for several minutes.  I don’t need to ask, y’all.  I ALREADY KNOW(ing).  (Woof, so sorry!)

Much love to Pajiba for this one.

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