Because It’s the Internet, Tons of F’ing Sequins (Jake Benson Remix)

tons of fucking sequins guy

When you think about the way the internet tends to work, this was simply inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any less dazzling.  Interweb sensation (and NPBiaH personal favorite) “Tons of F’ing Sequins” has done got itself a remix, so throw on your tackiest pair of parachute pants and grab your glow sticks because we’re gonna rave up in this bitch!  “Tons of F’ing Sequins (Jake Beson Remix),” y’all:

*Sigh*  It’s such a pity that Four Loko is banned in New York City and/or that I’m at work right now.  This video makes me want to get break out my Liza top, CRUNK’ed, and dance.  I might not be hip enough to know if I used the words Four Loko or CRUNK’ed correctly (*SPOILER ALERT!*: I will never be that hip), but there ain’t a queen alive who can resist a dance remix ode to sequins.  REEEMIIIX!

Much love to Buzzfeed for this little slice of magic.

2 Responses

  1. yes!!!


  2. oh god they’re going to start playing this in the gay clurbs, and I’m gonna be like “THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING AND I STILL CAN’T STOP DANCIN’ u.u;;;;”


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