This Guy Really Loves His Sequins

Here’s a video in which a grown man drops the F-bomb during a live news report from a Seattle Goodwill.  If you happen to be at work, pinkies out and earphones up, obviously.  No matter where you happen to be, though, it’s totally worth watching, OBVIOUSLY:

Sure, at first you might think that his language is a little extreme.  After all, their might be children watching, and–come now, queen–it’s only sequins!  But if that’s honestly how you feel, allow me to remind you of a few important things:

  1. If it’s not Justin Bieber, kids these days just don’t give a shit, and some Seattle queen all jazzed up on the razzle dazzle of “tons of fucking sequins” and dropping F-bombs is not Justin Bieber, so these kids probably won’t give a shit.  In fact, two teenagers with Justin Bieber Google alerts just came by this post, realized it’s not about Justin Bieber, made a Taylor Momsen face (equal parts stink face, teenage petulance, and drowned raccoon), and then promptly went back to not giving a shit.
  2. If Showgirls has taught me one thing, it’s that dancing ain’t fucking, and everybody’s got AIDS and shit; and if Showgirls has taught me another thing, it would be that  sequins make everything, and I mean everything, more fabulous.

So really, when you think about it just a little bit more, this man’s reaction is perfectly reasonable in every way.

Much love The Daily What by way of Gawker, and tons of fucking sequins love to the Guardian for the Liza pic.

3 Responses

  1. is there any way to prove that this was me? because, it was… uh oh…


    • I for one am a total believer that it’s you, and you, sir, are my new internet hero!


  2. I misread this as this gay really loves his sequins. At any rate, I’ll wear my sequin skirt in a homage to this post and video next time we get together. Unless it’s snowing, that is.


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