Hurley and Don Draper Conversate: A Lost/Mad Men Video Smash-Up

Sure, I had a few bones to pick with the last season of Lost, never mind the series finale I couldn’t shut up about before it aired (because of all the excitement) and couldn’t much remember afterward (because of all the gin and tonics–just kidding!  It was on account of the rage strokes).  I also recognize I’m still tragically behind on this past season’s irresponsible Mad Men recaps, so perhaps this comes as something of a blog beat FAIL, but no matter.  The internet has blessed us with video where Lost‘s Hurley and Mad Men‘s Don Draper attempt to carry on a conversation with their respective verbal tics.  As a video smash-up, it’s pretty much what you’d expect (amusing, but in a very interweb sort of way), which is precisely why it’s totally worth your while:

What an insightful and riveting conversation, guys!  I wonder what happens next?

Hurley: Dude.

Don: What?

Hurley: Dude.

Don: What?

Susan Surandon: Doctor Scott!

Just like that.  Back and forth.  FOREVER.

Much love to Buzzfeed for this one.

3 Responses

  1. what?


  2. Have you seen the What What in the Butt/Don Draper mash up? That’s one I want to see (and it isn’t the Butters/South Park version but the original youtube hit).


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