Because It’s So Good When She’s Bad, Here’s a Girl Singing “I Will Always Love You” and Freaking Out

Seeing as how I’m a self-acknowledged karaoke nightmare, I wouldn’t want to try and measure up against anybody else’s vocal prowess.  Even if they mute.  And particularly if they were Whitney Houston, circa The Bodyguard:

As such, I’m not going to say that the girl in the video after the jump is bad, per se.  I’ll just leave it at that when she does fail, she fails spectacularly.  And with liberal use of the “f*ck” bomb, so if you happen to be at work, you probably shouldn’t be on this site pinkies out and headphones up, y’all:


Sure, she’s no Dolly Parton or Whitney Houston.  In fact, I don’t know if she even ranks with the singing neighbor in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  Still, you’ve gotta admit that what this girl lacks in perfect pitch and dazzling range is more than made up for by her unflappable determination and her bottomless rage pit.

Much love to Internet Today by way of Videogum.

One Response

  1. Whilst I appreciate her, um, dedication to the craft of freaking out, it boggles the mind why she was videotaping herself in the first place. But I’ll admit, I get the same way when I see Seventh Day Adventists walking up my driveway.


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