The Justin Bieber 3-D Documentary Never Say Never Is Totally Brilliant

Look, I may not Facebook like Justin Bieber, and we all know Facebook liking is the only liking that counts (hint hint), but that doesn’t mean I can’t occasionally be in awe of tweendom’s most famous lesbian popstar, and this trailer for Never Say Never is one such moment:


Okay, so I admittedly haven’t actually watched this trailer for the following reasons:

  1. In an effort to conserve bandwidth, we’re no longer allowed to stream any media at work.  Obviously this is tearing me apart, Lisa, but office rules bend for no one, and that includes the Biebster.
  2. I’m an adult.

As a result, I can’t actually say if this movie looks any good; however, I can definitely say that this is a movie I’ll never see because this is not my face right now:

But you know what?  The 3-D (what?) Justin Bieber documentary (double-what?!?) is a thing that exists, and it’s rather brilliant for existing.

Seriously, the only people with more disposable income than the gays are teenagers.  After all, all of their income is disposable, and even if they don’t have a disposable income of their own, they still have parents, and parents have incomes and a low tolerance for hormone-addled temper tantrums.  Added to that, 3-D movies are the easiest way to grossly inflate your box-office returns without having to move more tickets.  In other words, a 3-D Justin Bieber movie is like making so much more money on top of all that money that you’ve just made, so as I was saying, brilliant.


Much love to Videogum for the trailer.

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