Prop 8 Gets Struck Down and It’s Satchmo’s Birthday? What a Wonderful World, Indeed!

What with Prop 8 being struck down in federal court as unconstitutional and it being the inimitable Louis Armstrong’s birthday all in one day, I think this calls for a celebratory song.  So without further ado, here’s Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Olivia Newton John, and Goldie Hawn bringing down the house with their cover of “What a Wonderful World.”  Try and keep your panties out of a twist, dears:

Gay catnip or gayest catnip ever?  Don’t ask me, I’m too tickled pink by the swells of social change to tell you.  Go ask this kitten instead:

Hrmm, looks like the verdict is: WANT MORE SOCIAL CHANGE!  So let’s keep it coming, Supreme Court.  You know what to do.

One Response

  1. Yes! I was thrilled to see this in the NYTimes this afternoon. Let’s hope it goes all the way through.


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