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Because I Still Care, Here’s a GIF I Made of Peggy Doing a Faceplant
August 31, 2010

Sure, it’s neither an irresponsible recap nor even a particularly timely GIF, but we’ve gotta break up the blog doldrums somehow, right?  Right.  Besides, this might not be Peggy riding on a motorcycle (and really, what is?), but at least it’s a step in the right catching-up direction, right?  Also right.

Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan Will Be My New Favorite Movie of 2010, or: No Duh, You Old Queen
August 24, 2010

Take the poster for Black Swan for example.  This poster alone is enough to send me into a hundred fits of gay vapors (or “gaypors,” if you’re in the know).  Just look at this piping hot plate of Natalie Portman FACE:

OOH, IT BURNS!  Seriously, though, this poster’s phenomenal.  It’s gorgeous with a subtle air of creepy, and all of it demands that I get my ass to the theater as soon as possible to see this movie, which is sorta like how I feel whenever I watch the trailer.  Except for the part where the trailer makes my head explode.  If you’ve seen the trailer, you know what I’m talking about.  If you haven’t, change that poor life choice of yours IMMEDIATELY.  Either way, let’s all give it a spin and discuss:

Well, first things first:


BREAKING NEWS! Peggy Riding Around on a Motorcycle is Your New Favorite Mad Men GIF!
August 23, 2010

I know I should be catching up on irresponsible Mad Men recaps as previously promised, and we’ll definitely get there (sometime before the fifth season, guaranteed!) at some point,  but sometimes blog promises of catching up are meant to be blog broken, and this GIF of Peggy Olsen riding around on a red motorocycle is one of them.  From last night’s Mad Men episode, “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword,” comes the new Mad Men GIF hotness, Peggy riding about on a Honda motorcycle:

So see?  I told you it was your new favorite.

And as for GIF of Pete Campbell dancing?  You know I love you, baby, and you’ll always be my first, but I think it’s time we started seeing other people.

Much love to Videogum’s werttrew for this one.

UPDATE (8.25.10):  As werttrew noted in the comments, the original source of this most beloved GIF is from the fine folks over at ONTD.

Since It’s Madonna’s Birthday, Here’s an Ice Cream GIF Cake and a Fabubonkers Performance
August 16, 2010

Would it be too much of a gay cliché to take a momentary respite from our previously scheduled blog catch up and wish Madonna, Queen of Pop and Grand Madame of Contemporary Gay Icons, a happy birthday?  HA, of course it would, which is precisely why it must be done!  Besides, we can all agree nothing effectively pays tribute to the woman who has helped shape the pop music landscape for nearly 30 years quite like a homemade ice cream GIF cake, and homemade ice cream GIF cakes just so happen to be one of my specialties:


And just in case you’re you don’t know from where the above Madonna image came, allow me to introduce you to Madonna’s Confessions Tour opener, “Future Lovers/I Feel Love,” which is certifiably fabubonkers:


Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner’s Catch-Up Corner: I’m the Most Excited for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch
August 11, 2010

It’s been over a year since I last threw on my gay claws and tippity-typed up a frothing homo frenzy about Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder’s live action follow-up to Watchmen, and so much has happened since then, y’all.  Carla Gugino helped unleash the candy-colored Kraken of camp that is Women in Trouble, and Zack Snyder made an animated family film about owls:

One of these makes me cackle because it’s fabulous, and the other makes me cackle because my brain cannot comprehend that it’s a thing that actually exists.  You’re welcome to try and figure out which one’s which, but please, don’t strain yourself.

ANYWAYS, more important than any of that stuff tangentially related to my Sucker Punch anticipation is the fact that the teaser phase of marketing has finally kicked-off.  This explains why we’ve now got six character-based teaser posters over at the film’s official website.  There’s one for Emily Browning as Baby Doll:

One for Jamie Chung as Amber:


We Interrupt Our Previously Scheduled Catch Up With a Breaking Inception Craigslist Ad
August 10, 2010

If you haven’t seen Inception, *SPOILER ALERT!* Marion Cotillard plays Mal, Cobb’s (Leonardo DiCaprio) wife and subconscious projection of his guilt over her untimely passing.  Oh yeah, she’s also a totally badass bitch:

When she’s not trying to persuade Cobb to join her for all eternity in Limbo, she’s shooting and shanking people who get in her way.  If you wanted to be a class bomb about it, you could say she makes it her business to f*ck your sh*t up, which is sorta like what the girl posting this Inception-inspired Craigslist casual encounter ad wants to one very special guy.  It’s definitely not safe for work, but it will also break your brain more than Joseph Gordon Levitt’s zero-gravity fight scene, so of course you should check it out:


Important Things to Pontificate While We Try and Play Catch-Up: Is Mad Men Too Sexist?
August 9, 2010

Oh man, y’all.  If there’s one thing that’s great about summer Fridays at my place of work, it’s that I get every other Friday off of work.  If there’s one thing that’s not the new hotness, however, it’s that putting in the extra hours to get those precious Fridays off has made me a raggedy-ass bitch when it comes to tending to this particular corner of the interwebs.  Blog productivity has shamelessly fallen to the wayside, egregious errors have been made, and I still haven’t gotten around to discussing the eagerly anticipated/probable train wreck that is Burlesque.  Sure, this little blog may not buy my bacon and eggs, but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel obliged to those of you out there who so kindly indulge my crazy.  Anyways, apologies are like the Lost series finale (obligatory, yet wholly unfulfilling), so point being: IT’S TIME TO BUST SOME BLOG ASS AND START GETTING CAUGHT UP ON EVERYTHING.  (That’s my motivational speaker voice.)

In the mean time, though, let’s all ponder the following important question:

I remain of the opinion that there’s no such thing as being too sexist Mad Men strives to create an accurate–not revisionist–portrait of the 1960s, and leveling charges of sexism at Mad Men confuses the sexual and gender politics of the era with those of the show itself.  Mad Men‘s “sexism” is in fact a meta-commentary on sexism, if you will, but that’s just my interpretation.   That being said, let’s go watch a short video that attempts to get to heart of the matter:


Today’s Fabulous Image in Cinema: Roy Scheider in Jaws
August 5, 2010

Here are a few reasons for Today’s Fabulous Image in Cinema being Roy Scheider’s iconic reaction shot to the monstrous great white shark in Jaws:

  1. It’s Shark Week, so only it seems apropos.
  2. When I was home sick on Monday, I decided to re-watch Jaws because sometimes it’s important to shake it up and stray from my usual sick-day viewing requirements.  Variety is the spice of blah, blah, blah.  Also, it’s Shark Week, so that too seemed apropos.
  3. Mostly, though, I’m firmly of the mind that believes Roy Scheider’s reaction in the above image is fabulous, and this is the most important reason, so let’s take a quick respite from living every week like it’s Shark Week and discuss, shall we?


Prop 8 Gets Struck Down and It’s Satchmo’s Birthday? What a Wonderful World, Indeed!
August 4, 2010

What with Prop 8 being struck down in federal court as unconstitutional and it being the inimitable Louis Armstrong’s birthday all in one day, I think this calls for a celebratory song.  So without further ado, here’s Bette Midler, Meryl Streep, Olivia Newton John, and Goldie Hawn bringing down the house with their cover of “What a Wonderful World.”  Try and keep your panties out of a twist, dears:

Gay catnip or gayest catnip ever?  Don’t ask me, I’m too tickled pink by the swells of social change to tell you.  Go ask this kitten instead:


Today’s Fabulous Image in Cinema: Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
August 3, 2010

Estimated budget of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow as according to Box Office Mojo?  $70 million.  Total worldwide box office of Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, again, as according to Box Office Mojo?  $57, 958, 696; in other words, just shy of $58 million.  If you’re going to be an accountant about it, I guess that makes Kerry Conran’s loving homage to Classic Hollywood film serials, kitschy sci fi aesthetics, and New York City architecture in the late 1930s (seriously, the scene where Gwyneth Paltrow goes into Radio City Music Hall is an instant Art Decorgasm) something of a box office failure.  Not an outright bomb, for sure, but also not about to get Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow 2: 2 Late for 2morrow greenlit any time soon.  BOOO, 0bviously.  Obviously?  Obviously.


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