This Week in Irresponsible Mad Men Recaps: Irresponsibility Means Never Having to Say You’re Sorry (For Being So Tardy)

Well well well, we finally have a recap for “Public Relations” nearly a week after the fourth season of Mad Men premiered?  Looks like somebody has certainly been slacking off as of late, and I’m not talking about Don Draper:

Okay, maybe just a little, but the man’s probably been day drinking, so give him some slack.  I, on the other hand, have no excuse save for the fact that irresponsible recapping–much like love or hating on sweet potato casserole–means never having to say you’re sorry.

Anyways, the fourth season of Mad Men premiered this past Sunday, which means a whole lot of this was happening, particularly when this scene happened:

Okay, I lied.  When Don had The Luckiest Streetwalker in the World (that’s my name for her because that’s what she is) over for a little Thanksgiving stuffing and face slapping, my brain stopped exploding because I was too busy with all the rage strokes.  Seriously, someone in Mad Men gets paid to have sex with Don Draper AND slap him across the face, even though anybody in their right mind (or naughty bits) would do that for free?  There’s only one acceptable response in situations like this:


ANYWAYS, I could go on about how great it is to have Mad Men back in my life (so great!), the incredible ZING! that Henry Francis’s mother lobbied at him about what a bad idea marrying Betty was, and how much I’m already loving Peggy’s and Joan’s and Betty’s respective hair styles this season (the most!).  I could spend a few moments on what a bitchy child Betty has become (a petulant-child uber-bitch) or the fact that I really wish Mad Men had give us more time with the two actresses who fought over the Sugarberry Ham:

Sure, I recognize that Mad Men is not Dynasty as written by an old queen who has a fondness for 1960s’ kitsch and more food cravings than a pregnant woman (aka, me), but how could a catfight over a ham between two middle-aged women not be worthy of one of these.   I guess such a scene will just have to be like the second floor of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and/or the Jantzen two-piece swimsuit ad: nothing more than a tease.  UGH, digression.

So as I was saying, we could talk about all sorts of things, but it all seems so fruitless when you think about it.  The reality is that I’m so happy to have Mad Men back  I can forgive the narrative heavy-handedness when Don kicks out the Jantzen execs (we get it, he’s frustrated with Betty, not them!) and the fact that we got no screen time with Trudy Campbell or her hats (I demand holiday-hat ferociousness come the Christmas episode, damnit!), and the only thing more tiring than reading volumes of adulatory gay screech is trying to figure out figure out another way to express how fucking fabulous this show is.  So let’s just keep things irresponsible (like there’s any other way around her) and move on with this week’s recap.  Besides, much like Don Draper, I’d rather my work speak for itself:

And by “work,” I mean making a GIF of the most perfect Thanksgiving Day food tantrum  I’ve ever seen.  NO MORE SWEET POTATO CASSEROLE WITH MARSHMALLOWS!

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  1. Trust me, it was worth the wait. Both the episode and your recap. As I watched it I did wonder where Trudi and her hats had gone, and thought you’d comment on that.


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