Today’s (Much Belated) Fabulous Image in Cinema: Cate Blanchett in Notes on a Scandal

When things get quiet over at this particular corner of the internet, the reality is there’s only person we have to blame, and that person is me.  The only problem with this is that I’m a blame shifter, so when things get quiet over at this particular corner of the internet (at least this time around), it’s Christopher Nolan’s fault.  Seriously, he’s the man behind Inception, and I’m merely the owner of the mind that movie melted, which mean he’s the one who committed the mind crime!  (Get it?!?)  Besides, Joseph Gordon Levitt looking positively dapper (or do I mean Draper?) in a suit and vest will muddle your brain for days like that.  Oh, and the Mad Men Fever obviously isn’t helping my crazy, either.  Anyways, we’re not here to talk about Inception (YET); we’re here to talk about Today’s (much belated) Fabulous Image in Cinema, and Today’s (much belated) Fabulous Image in Cinema is from Notes on a Scandal, so let’s talk about it.

Now you might be wondering why Cate Blanchett is looking like a fashion inspiration for Jenny Humphrey circa Season Three of Gossip Girl, and even though I’ll give you that the heavy eyeliner and crazy hair are vaguely reminiscent of everybody’s favorite a certain sad-faced-raccoon girl with a preponderance for cheap hair extensions, I’d still have to put you in the Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner stockades (just like regular stockades, but upholstered in chintz) for such disparaging remarks.  No no, don’t you dare sully the esteemed name of Ms. Cate Blanchett, particularly in the role of Sheba Hart.

You see, Sheba has made herself up in in an effort to ease her current pains by reacalling her Siouxsie and the Banshees loving youth.  I imagine it’s is similar to how I felt when I used to listen to the Batman Returns soundtrack:

Except nothing like that at all.  Whatever.  At the exact moment above, Sheba is furiously searching for [SPOILER REDACTED] at [SPOILER REDACTED], and when she finds it, you’d better believe there will be a [SPOILER REDACTED] between her and [SPOILER REDACTED]. Oh, and [SPOILER REDACTED] will be batshit, high camp fabulousness, but that last bit’s not a spoiler because that’s just high praise around here.

Sure, I could’ve selected one of the more placid images of Cate Blanchett staring languidly and being gorgeous in full Siousxie and the Banshees fan FACE, but that’s too easily definable as fabulous.  Also, I prefer this particular image because of how it both encapsulates and portends the frantic, over-the-top insanity that Notes on a Scandal‘s climax achieves without actually giving any of the fun away.  It’s a rare feat for hysterics to achieve camp excess in its performance without slipping into unintentional parody; however, as Cate Blanchett’s Sheba in Notes on a Scandal proves, it’s a Gold Star Day when you do.

Oh, and do be sure to click to enlarge and appreciate the of-course-she’d-be-wearingred-lipstick fabulousness of it all.

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