When AT&T Is Being the Worst, Christina Hendricks Once Again Reminds Us How She Is the Best

You know what’s only twelve days away?  The fourth season of Mad Men.  While that’s still twelve days too many in my book, I do manage to console myself with the reminder that at least I don’t get my cable from AT&T’s U-Verse.  According to Dealine.com, AT&T thinks AMC is “among the least-watched and most overpriced per viewer,” and as a result there’s talk that U-Verse customers might miss out on the fourth season premiere on account of AMC being dropped from U-Verse’s lineup.  This just goes to show that the only thing spottier than AT&T’s wireless service is the logic behind their cable service decisions, which is saying a lot, but I digress.  After all, when life gives you the bad-idea lemons, LA Times Magazine gives you gives you fabulous-Christina-Hendricks-profile-ade!

Seriously, it’s quite fabulous, and I could go over the highlights for you, but I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you if you haven’t already read it, even though I know you’ve already read it because you’re so good about being on top of things.  Besides, I really don’t need another sadness stroke thinking about how Christina Hendricks filmed Life as We Know It in Atlanta.  Honestly, if I had known this was happening, I would’ve flown down for an impromptu “family visit,” which would have in fact look suspiciously like that one time that kid tried to give Megan Fox a rose:

christina hendricks and me

Except with more Chik-fil-A chicken biscuit.  Obviously.

ANYWAYS, my main reason for not discussing the article is because I’ve been hypnotized by how stunning Ms. Hendricks looks in the accompanying photospread.  Just look at her in this bejeweled felt beano by Philip Treacy:


And don’t even get me started about this wide brim hat from Treacy’s collection, aka the hat I want to wear at next year’s Kentucky Derby Party despite the fact that it’s priced at $1,478:

I hope their website takes Visa, MasterCard, and First-Born Baby, because I’m going to have to pay with all three.

Seriously, though, it’s like I’ve died and gone to a heaven where the angels all look like Joan Holloway and are outfitted in fancy cerulean hats instead of halos.  I’m simply too transfixed by the thought to have words right now.  Well that, and I keep thinking about of how Trudy Campbell is going to be so fucking pissed, y’all.  Hats are her thing, much like how hoop earrings are Regina George’s and crazy trains made out of barely coherent word vomit and homo things are mine.

Much love to LA Times Magazine for the pics, and three-sassy snaps to Megan for the request.

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