Muse Covering U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” Is the Second Best U2 Cover I’ve Heard

In other words, Muse covering “Where the Streets Have No Name” is not a life-ruining monstrosity that must be stopped, but you would expect as much seeing as how the Edge joined them on stage at the Glastonbury Festival to help them nail it.  Muse–with very special guest the Edge–performing “Where the Streets Have No Name,” y’all:

NAILED IT.  (Of course they did.)  Though it’s still no Ethel Merman Experience, which isn’t a criticism, just an observation.  That is all.

Much love to @U2 for this one.


2 Responses

  1. Thank you sooo much for posting the video!! I received an email from my friend in Amsterdam on Sunday and she mentioned it in an email while watching it on the BBC.

    I befriended Grace after she responded to something I posted about a U2 video on youtube. I found your website when I was in search of someone who didn’t like Lee Dwyzes’s massacre of “Beautiful Day”.

    I guess U2 is like the “Red String of Fate” for me.


    • Hey, Melissa! So glad to have been of service with this post! Muse and the Edge really deliver a fantastic rendition of “Where the Streets Have No Name,” don’t they? And I’m glad you share with my feelings about Lee Dwyze’s take on “Beautiful Day”…


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