*SPOILER ALERT*: Peggy Olsen’s Hair Will Continue to Be Fabulous in the Fourth Season of Mad Men

Remember that one time in Mad Men‘s second season when Kurt proved himself to be Peggy’s number-one ‘mo and gave her a much needed makeover via one ferocious bob?  Of course you do:

mad men peggy olsen kurt haircut season 2

It was one of the rare SQUEE!-worthy moments on Mad Men that doesn’t involve Joan saying something bitchy, Trudy wearing an incredible hat, or Peggy being be totally gangsta.  Seriously, this was one of the great moments in Mad Men that came as such an unexpected delight that you’d never forget it.   Unless, of course, you hadn’t got that caught up in the show yet and I totally ruined the surprise for you, in which case you only remember the incontrollable urge to punch me in the face.  Rage blackouts: they happen.

ANYWAYS, The Hollywood Reporter‘s blog The Live Feed has a few new pics from the upcoming fourth season of Mad Men.  Most of them are of the non-descript, non-spoilery here’s-Don-Draper-in-a-suit variety, but one of them contains a TOTAL GAME CHANGER, by which I mean Peggy Olsen’s rocking a fabulous new ‘do, bitches:

Fuck yeah, Peggy Olsen, WORK IT!

In all seriousness (well, as much as I’m capable of, at least), I do think this is the most telling photo we’ve gotten so far.  There’s all sorts of talk that Mad Men might be taking another major chronological leap forward, and goodness knows Peggy’s hair suggests a decent amount of time has passed since the end of Season Three.  Her look is more business-oriented and mature than her playful bob from previous seasons.  I’d guess at least a year has passed at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and business is doing pretty well.  After all, why else would Peggy be up-‘doing for the job that she wants (Baddest-Ass Bitch in Advertising) and not the job he has (Baddest-Ass Bitch in Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Who Isn’t Joan Holloway)?  And, more importantly, what do you all think of the new look?  Fetching?  Grandmalicious?  Circa 1964 or 1965?  DISCUSS.

Much love to Movieline for the head’s up.

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