Betty White Quasi-Outed Cary Grant or: Oh Look, Another Reason to Love Betty White and Cary Grant

In case you’ve ever been curious, here’s a picture of Randolph Scott and Cary Grant enjoying dinner:

cary grant and randolph scott having dinner

It should come as neither a secret nor surprising that I find Cary Grant to be as ridiculously sexy as I find donut bacon cheeseburgers to be ridiculously delicious, and of course I’ve heard the rumors that he and fellow actor Randolph Scott were a lil’ bit (to borrow a word from David Bret, author of the thoroughly trashtastic–and highly recommended by me–Joan Crawford bio, Joan Crawford: Hollywood Martyr) lavendar, but I never realized what a hot piece Randolph Scott was. Seriously, if Cary Grant just so happened to be thinking about how much Randolph Scott’s mustache tickles instead of how delightful the chicken was when that picture was taken, could you really blame him?

ANYWAYS, Betty White was on The Joy Behar Show last night, and that Newsweek story that never dies came up as a topic of conversation, at which point Betty White inadvertently revealed that Cary Grant was probably thinking about Randolph Scott’s “mustache” after all. Here’s the video from over at Queerty:

YES (obviously). I mean, this has to probably be one of the least shocking posthumous celebrity outings I could imagine, but it’s nevertheless one of the most satisfying, so like I was saying: YES.

And while I totally get that ultimately it’s neither here nor there nor even any of our damn what Cary Grant’s sexuality was, and though I’m even willing to concede that Betty White may have been merely commenting on heresy or industry chatter as opposed to any sort of first-hand knowledge, none of that changes the fact that Betty White basically outed Cary Grant. That’s like having your great aunt drop the bomb at the Thanksgiving dinner table that your grandfather’s battalion celebrated the storming of Normandy with a rousing game of biscuit (don’t Google that, Mom), except for the fact that nobody in your family is nearly as famous as Cary Grant or fabulous as Betty White. And when you consider how Betty White’s been a national treasure to the gays for years upon years, you can see how this adds up to being a news story so delightful that you’re liable to go gay all of sudden. Cary Grant in Bringing Up Baby knows what I’m exactly talking about:

Much love to Gawker for the heads up on this one and Dr. X’s Free Associations for the pic.

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