Katy Perry Has a Refined Sense of Humor

Remember that one time Katy Perry tweeted this?

And how it was most likely in response to a certain someone’s “shocking” (it was not shocking) latest video?  No?  Because you, like me, try and avoid Katy Perry like a plague

Anyways, the music video for Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” arrived on the interwebs yesterday, and though it may have already been yanked, its brief appearance has already left us a single GIF to remind us what a not-a-fart joke looks like (and be sure to click the image and see this mess in motion):

Ermm, that’s…neat?  Sure, let’s go with that: neat.

I mean, technically this isn’t a cheap fart joke, so I don’t think we need to totally call out Katy Perry for hypocritical shenanigans.  Mostly because that’ll probably only just encourage her.  But also?  This innuendo is about as subtle as a punch to the (whipped-cream canon) tit, and while I can appreciate–hell, even delight in–the outlandish heights of cartoonishly ridicusexual absurdity that it reaches, let’s also never forget that Katy Perry achieved her fame by titillating audiences with a dance-pop ode to fauxsbianism, which could never be misconstrued as a cheap ploy to advance your career.  After all, it’s exactly what Nomi Malone would do.

Much love to Celebitchy and Idolatry for the tweet and GIF, respectively.

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