The Single Greatest Artistic Achievement of the 21st Century

Artist: Countess LuAnn of The Real Housewives of New York

Title: “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

Year: 2010

Medium: Mixed (Audio, Video, Tranny Robot)


Holy f*ck.

Well, I guess art students across America can all just go kill themselves while listening to their Smiths records now, because they’re never going to top that.  Ever.

And you know that somewhere in this great big world of ours, Nomi Malone is shedding a single bedazzled tear of pride:

At last, the apprentice has become the Lip Gloss Master.  Pinkies out, bitches!

So much love to Gawker for this one, y’all.

UPDATE (5.28.10): As KJ noted–and as is all too frequently the way of the interwebz–the Single Greatest Artistic Achievement of the 21st Century has already been removed from YouTube.  Damn your black hearts and “copyright grounds,” Ultra Records!

UPDATE (5.28.10), Part Deux: Thanks to the digital preservationists of at Gawker, Countess LuAnn’s towering contribution to art and culture is back where it belongs!  THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR CRISIS AVERTED!

False Alarm: UPDATE (6.2.10): ZUT ALORS, IT’S GONE AGAIN!!!

UPDATE (7.14.10): And one more time, with YouTube.

7 Responses

  1. ALREADY PULLED for copyright claims. Augh!

    But in trying to find another version, I came across this:

    which you may have already seen. I swear I thought it was Shirley Q. Liquor at first.


    • KJ, thanks for catching that! I found another copy back over at Gawker, and have since reposted it, so enjoy!
      PS: I hadn’t seen the “Don’t Be Tardy for the Party” remix, and all I can say now is “WHOAH.”


  2. Panache? Do people still use that word?


  3. Ah! Now I see it! Money can’t buy you class, but it can get you some time in the studio, a halfway decent AD, some time with the autotune machine, some models and some set design. Got it.


  4. So the Countess has this, Kelly has her “PSA” and Bethenny has her own show. The other housewives need to step it up.


    • Don’t encourage them. Unless we’re talking Real Housewives of New Jersey, in which case I demand that Teresa starts a girl group called “Prostitution Whore and the Bubbies.”


  5. […] and queer revolution; unfortunately for me, I’ve recently been gorging on far too much pop culture garbage to fit into my size-28 pretentious pants and digest all of this crazy.  And […]


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