The New Salt Poster Is All About FACE. Nightmare FACE, That Is

You know, I really have to wonder what’s going on in the marketing department for Salt, because at certain point it stopped seeming like they understood what sort of movie they’re trying to advertise, and if that point wasn’t never, it’s most certainly this new poster from over at FilmoFilia:

I mean, yipes!  I’m not sure if this poster is for an espionage thriller starring Angelina Jolie or a movie with the working title Action Wig: Cat-Eyed Meth Head and the Case of the Purloined Upper-Lip Plumper.  Either way, DO NOT WANT.

Sure, I’m not saying that this is anywhere near as bad as Plastic-Faced She Beasts of the Glittery Gay Moon of Tatooine:

But I am saying Angelina Jolie looks like a character from Star Wars:

The shape-shifting assassin from the beginning of Attack of the Clones, to be exact.  And when your Photoshopping skills are inspiring Attack of the Clones flashbacks (which are well established as being the Worst) and nightmares instead of Fandango hits, GURHL, we’ve got a problem.

One Response

  1. What is this hubris that would make anyone think they can make Angelina look better?! The SITC gals wouldn’t need so much photoshopping if they each gained 10 lbs to fill out their faces methinks…


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