He-Man Uses His Fabulous Secret Powers to Cover the 4 Non Blondes

I say this with as much love and as little hyperbole as I can muster, but sweet tap-dancing twinks is this video gay.  It’s so gay that I don’t even care that it’s probably older than Oscar Wilde in internet years, which means you’ve probably already seen it.  It’s so gay that Newsweek will have to write a follow up piece about how gay cartoon actors need to stay in the closet as well (sorry, Buzz Lightyear, but you’re gonna have to keep mum about Snagglepuss).  Seriously, this video is so gay that it just might be the gayest video EVER, which is sad, because I wasn’t quite ready to reach the bedazzled Shangri La of the interwebs:

I’m sorry, but you could show me a video of Harvey Fierstein giving birth to a litter of baby unicorns and anthropomorphic Madonna dance remixes can outswish this video of He-Man singing a discofabulous cover of the 4 Non Blondes’ “What’s Up?” in front of a backdrop of rainbows and glitter.

Show me a video of Harvery Fierstein as Edna Turnblad from the Hairspray Broadway musical giving birth to a litter of baby unicorns, anthropomorphic Madonna dance remixes, the cast of Glee, a Lady Gaga back-up dancer, AND Faye Dunawaye in Mommie Dearest, however, and you just might be onto something.  And by “something,” I mean the nightmare baby of a clown car filled with RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants and a ping-pong act in Thailand.

Cheers to Danger! Danger! for the pic, and Videogum–as it is so frequently–for the inspiration.

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