Sean Hayes Will Never Be Too Gay For Anything

The folks over at Slant Magazine‘s blog, The House Next Door, were kind enough to let me get up on my big, gay soap box (it’s a lil’ bit bedazzled, quelle surprise) and share my thoughts about Ramin Setoodeh’s recent Sean-Hayes-is-too-gay-for-a-Broadway-musical-co-starring-Kristin-Chenoweth debacle, so if you’ve ever wondered what I’m like when I haven’t chased a handful of crazy pills with a double shot of espresso, you can check out the piece here.  Maybe it’s just me, but that’s sorta like inviting a foul-mouthed drag queen to a black tie event.  Enjoy!

6 Responses

  1. Augh! direct link to piece does not work. 😦


    • Thanks for catching that, KJ! The link should be fixed now.


  2. Loved the piece Ben–thanks for letting us know about it.


  3. i think its awesome that you had your retort published. i think the real ‘big pink elephant’ he goes on about is how gays are so willing to destroy other gays’ lives, no matter how accidental that destruction is.

    its a real catch-22. to write that essay without naming specific actors and specific roles would be too ephemeral; to do the opposite and pinpoint the actors and their roles is too close to witch-hunting. i really do think he meant the best with his essay–to open a dialogue about tolerance in hollywood versus the tolerance of the business itself–but the way he went about it was sloppy and too pointed. the fact that the author is himself gay turns the piece into a criticism coming from under a glass ceiling: i don’t think the guy in glee is SCREAMINGLY GAY, but if you go into that show knowing he is gay in real life, you start to notice the little tics that denote a person’s homosexuality that you really only notice if you are gay yourself: his glazed-over expression when he’s supposedly mooning over a woman, his odd inflections, his marked posture and stance, his consistently perfect movements, etc. and those dreamy, dreamy, dreamy eyes and hair.

    but anyway, congrats on the publication. and now that i know that dude is gay in real life, i can swoon over him wholeheartedly.


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