Oh, GURL! This “You Made Me Gay” Video Simply Must Go Viral

Sure, if this video was lip-syncing for its life, RuPaul would probably be pursing her lips in disapproval like she was Miranda Priestly, but in case the facial hair and the real boobs in this video weren’t alread dead giveaways, the stars of this video are not drag queens, so who cares?

All that matters is that one of my friends worked on this student video of Gravy Train!!!!’s “You Made Me Gay” for a class project to see who could make the viraliest viral video, which means it’s our IKD (Internet Karmic Duty) to share this video about going cold turkey on the cooch and embracing your inner BQG (Big Queeny Gay) with EVERYONE.  The lyrics might be a little blue for work, but don’t let that stop you.  Forward it to your coworkers, post it on your friends’ and family’s Facebook walls, and most definitely tweet this video to your grandmother, ‘cos this video’s a little slice of let’s-get-it-viral homo hilarity:

Okay, those lyrics are a lot blue, but whatever, you just know that everybody’s gonna LOLove it all the same.  Particularly grandma.  Seriously, there’s nothing she loves more than retweeting all her favorite limp dick and vajayjay jokes.

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