These Little Girls Burn When They “Single Ladies” Dance

On one hand, there’s no train wreck quite like the train wreck that is a bunch of little Nomi Malone’s in training:

Brava? Sure, brava!

Seriously, you don’t get a performance like that without being the sort of über-bitchy pageant mom that warrants a side-eye so cold it could cut diamonds:

pageant girl side eye

On the other hand, this video makes me long for that one time the girl in the terrifying clown mask did the “Single Ladies” dance because clown nightmares are always better than prison rape.

Much love to Dennis Cass Wants you to Be More Awesome for the Living Girls screen grab, and you can blame the interwebs at large for that video. And your jail time.

UPDATE 5.17.10: The original video’s since been yanked off the internet, but if you just can’t enough jail time that much, you can watch it here.

2 Responses

  1. Whatever those girls aren’t even that hot. I mean that have like NO tits.


    • For the sheer bravado it requires to take it there (by which I mean Zoinks!town), I think this comment deserves one of these.


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