Here’s a Fan-Made Promo to Remind Us What Life After the Lost Series Finale’s Going to Be Like

Last night, I was forced to confront YET AGAIN how much I’m really ready for this:

Seriously, it’s been six glorious, occasionally frustrating years with the survivors of the Oceanic Flight 815 crash, and I for one am not ready to get off that rapidly derailing crazy train.  For example, at a certain point last night, a certain thing happened and *SPOILER ALERT* I cried like a dirty bitch because I realized that Lost really is coming to a close.  The end is near, y’all, which means some of our questions if we’re lucky everything will be answered, and while that’s terribly exciting in so many ways, I haven’t yet come to grips with the reality that soon enough I won’t have anything on TV to bark “WHAAAT?!?” at in utter shock and confusion.  At least nothing that doesn’t air on Fox News or the Playboy Channel.

Anyways, ABC recently ran a contest for fans to submit promos for the series finale, and while I’m pretty sure the most confusing Lost mystery to date is how this one didn’t win, I’m extremely confident that this video is what life will look like after the Lost series finale:

Unsurprisingly enough, it will be bleak.  Our lives will feel empty, our obsessive tendencies to endlessly speculate left without purpose, and–least surprising of all–I will be working through my five stages of grief by getting a sex change and living my life as an Asian woman and/or a middle-aged housewife.  Like I said, no surprises.

Many thanks to Jose for the video, and snaps to The Fire Wire for the poster.

4 Responses

  1. Oh, this video is great. I totally owned the fact that I cried during last nights episode. WHAT?! This is why I’m instating Taco Tuesdays after the finale…


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