TGIF! Now Let’s All Go Make Plans to See The Back-Up Plan

Movieline asks if this image of Jennifer Lopez recreating nearly every day of my life stuffing…something…into her mouth is the new greatest movie publicity still ever:

What an absurd question, Movieline.  That answer is self-evident, as self-evident as the accompanying video clip is most obviously fantasy porn for neurotic single women of a certain age, frustrated housewives, and me:

Wait, what?  You mean to tell me  The Back-Up Plan exists in a magical world in which you can eat chili sandwiches without a plate in front of your boyfriend (who looks like Alex O’Loughlin) and his only response is to give you flowers?  Oh, and not only is he super understanding and supportive of your ridiculous monster mouth, but he’s also ripped like the only item on his daily to-do list is “maintain fuck-me handles”:


So never mind that The Break-Up Plan‘s currently ranking at a rather bleak 19% over at Rotten Tomatoes.  Forget that this scene isn’t even particularly funny and that the overly accessorized dog in the wheel chair is kinda freaking me out.  Any movie that dares to perpetuate the notion that you can behave like a caricature of a pregnant lady and still land a piece of milquetoast that looks like Alex O’Loughlin is certified fresh in my book, which is incidentally available in bargain bins now.

Now let’s go see this thing and then come back home to make sweet, sweet lovin’ to our Brownie Husbands!  ‘Cos really, it’s either that or another night with the cats.

One Response

  1. This is so timely – I was just talking to my coworker about going to see this. I think we should have “Spinster Sunday’s” or something!


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