The Mad Men News So Good It’s My Own Free Sonic Root Beer Float

News sources are reporting that the fourth season of Mad Men premiere has been officially confirmed for July 25th.  Added to that, Mad Men‘s utterly brilliant third season?  The DVD set’s going for a mere $17.99 on Amazon, which means we can all stuff our faces silly with Trudy’s scrumptious hats and slices of apple pie with cheddar cheese with Henry Francis and Don and Betty’s spicy meatball of an Italian vacation (oh, and let’s not forget that side of fresh foot), and that’s far more sustaining than yet another order of the General Tso’s.  Even Don Draper agrees:

Seriously, when you’re as starved for some good Mad Men news as I am–particularly in light of Mattthew Weiner’s claims that the next season will probably be no homo and that Mad Men will end after its sixth season–I’m pretty sure this news is my personal enthusiasm equivalent of finding out about free root beer floats at Sonic:

Kirstie Alley knows precisely what I’m talking about.  At least until she announces a second season of Fat Actress, at which point I’ll freak my freak in ways that makes this tweet look like a lesson in understatement.

In the mean time, though, just don’t ask me quite where we’re supposed to RRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN.  Amazon’s packaging facilities? The Betty Ford Institute for Impatient Bitches?  Hell if I know.  I just know I’m inordinately excited right now.

Much love to Videogum for the Kirstie Alley tweet that never grows old.

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