Blog Post #418, in Which It Becomes Increasingly Obvious the Fourth Season of Mad Men Can’t Come Quickly Enough

Seeing how I love Mad Men almost as much as I abhor waiting for things, I’m naturally torn by these on-set photos taken during the filming of the fourth season.  Sure, it’s assuring to know that (SPOILER ALERT!) Jon Hamm’s Don Draper is still capable of setting your genitals to stunned by wearing a two-piece suit:

But the problem comes in the fact that Jon Hamm doesn’t require a suit to start a five-alarm fire in your pants.  Seriously, you can stick him in a white tee at a craft services table and that won’t stop me from losing all sense of focus and wishing I was coming home to a Duncan Hines Brownie Husband.  For example:

I’ve just spent the past four hours staring at this picture trying to decide if I’d rather order the General Tso’s chicken or be the General Tso’s chicken.  I mean, if a lack of Jon Hamm sexiness in my life is making me crave my local Chinese restaurant’s combo special (it comes with fried rice and an egg roll!), then I shudder to think what Christina Hendricks queuing up for some lasagna would do to me, and I’m doomed if Elisabeth Moss is spotted going back for a seconds on cheesecake.  Seriously, feverish anticipation for season four of Mad Men is a feeling just like any other, which means I can eat.

The only difference is that this one might put me in a Rascal.

Much love to Best Week Ever for finding all this deliciousness.

4 Responses

  1. Gaaahh, I either need season 4 of mad men, or Christina needs to get a few more jobs so I can see her more often!


    • I say both. Christina Hendricks is one fierce bitch.


  2. […] (oh, and let’s not forget that side of fresh foot), and that’s far more sustaining than yet another order of the General Tso’s.  Even Don Draper […]


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