You’re Tearing Me Apart, Music Video for Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”!

See, the cultural studies nerd in me has this sneaking suspicion there’s something problematic at work in the way this video seems to be appropriating non-white cultures into a camp spectacle of otherness.  “Dog Days Are Over”‘s imagery is utterly arresting, for sure, but it’s also difficult to watch this video without wondering if a certain level of cultural imperialism is at work:

The gay man in me, meanwhile, doesn’t see anything wrong with what I imagine going on “It’s a Small World” must be like while wearing tranny-acid-flashback goggles.  Seriously.  If my inner gay were an inner bitchy drag queen, she’d tell me to stick a dick in my trap and shut it.

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I’m torn between “Some of this is imagery is problematic,” and “Damn, her hair is fabulous.”


    • It really is a tough call, but I think her teased-to-high-hell hair wins out in the end.


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