That’s Not Cool, MGMT. The “Flash Delirium” Video Is Not Cool at All

mgmt congratulations album art

I don’t think the problem with the video for the first single off MGMT’s sophomore album, Congratulations, has anything to do with the song itself.  Sure, “Flash Delirium” is by no means an obvious choice for a first single, but it’s also hardly the sort of song that the band should be apologizing for.  Hell, I happen to enjoy how that it trades the first single–let alone a traditional pop song–vibe for a that of four-minute psychadelic/rock mini-symphony.  It’s got an electric feel indeed (woof*).

No no, I’m pretty sure the problem with “Flash Delirium” has everything to do with the fact that it starts out as a relatively innocent music video before boarding the bullet-train to Nightmaretown.  Seriously, it begins with a Royal Tenenbaums-esque assortment of rich eccentrics (scariness proportional to how you feel about bourgeois eccentricities) and cake (scariness proportional to how you feel about carbs), brings in the ventriloquist dummies (scariness proportional to how you feel about dolls), and then it just gets into the sort of Cronenbergian freakishness that’s best left as a surprise, but SPOILER ALERT: you will probably shit you pants in horror.  “Flash Delirium” after the jump, y’all:

I “like” how I really didn’t think this video could get any more terrifying than the singing tracheotomy, but then it decides to become some sort of acid-fueled PSTD flashback to that one time I watched “Eel Girl,” and if you’ve ever had the misfortunate of seeing “Eel Girl,” you know exactly the sort of nightmare that can’t ever be unseen that video is, which is precisely why this video is not okay in the slightest.

So congratulations (woof again), MGMT.  “Flash Delirium” has just beaten out the Bravery’s “Hatefuck” as the most totally batshit crazy nightmare machine music video I’ve ever seen. Congratulations sounds like it could be a winner, but I can’t hear anything over my bleeding eyes.

Much love to Vulture for the video.

*[Side effects of watching “Flash Delirium” may include loss of sleep, physical and/or emotional discomfort, and punstipation.]

3 Responses

  1. Listen to “Brian Eno” off the album, it will make you feel better. Or less freaked out.


    • Strangely enough, I’m going off “Flash Delirium” as reason enough to warrant buy Congratulations, so I’m trying to hold off on listening to the rest of the album ’til it’s official release. That said, I gave “Brian Eno” a spin, and holy Moses is it a delight.


  2. […] is mostly because I’ve learned my MGMT lesson since that one time I didn’t know what to expect from the “Flash Delirium” video, and I’m not one to make the same nightmare mistakes twice in my lifetime, or at least until […]


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