Hold on to Your Ovaries, ‘Cos Here’s a Baby Lamb Jumping Around a House

After watching this video, a part of me wants to rethink my feelings about lamb chops in the same way watching Babe always causes me to have a crisis of bacon.  While I recognize I wouldn’t make a particularly pleasant or even remotely successful vegetarian, it’s hard to not feel guilty about taking such pleasure in eating something so adorable.

But then I remember the lamb chops:

At which point fuck it.  I’ll have my roundhouse-kick-to-the-ovaries of cuteness and eat it too.

Much love to Videogum for starting this day off right.

3 Responses

  1. Awe, cute lamb! I feel the same way when I’m fabricating (cleaning) meat for like 200 people to eat. The worst is killing lobster by hand instead of boiling them. It makes me want to say hail mary’s. I’m not even catholic! And damn if they don’t tast delish!!


  2. you’re horrible. and stay away from my bunny…


  3. It will look even more adorable after a couple hours braised in a dutch oven.


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