Today in Hard Hitting Questions: What’s Your Bad Idea “Bombshell” McGee Forehead Tattoo?

It was brought to my attention yesterday that there’s some surprise that Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner has yet to address the human Ipecac that is Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.  Well, more specifically, the tattoo she has on her forehead.  The one that looks like this:

(a Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner artistic rendition in Photoshop excellence)

Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but for realsies: according to Terra, “Bombshell” McGee had “Pray for us sinners” tattooed on her forehead because she believes “we’re all sinners in life.”   Which perhaps explains the allegations of Nazi salutes and Swastika tattoos?

“Bombshell” McGee: Whoops, did heiling Hitler upset the kids again?

Ex-Husband: Duh.

“Bombshell” McGee: Well, I guess we’re all sinners in life.

Boo, you whore.  No, literally this time.

ANYWAYS, when this tattoo isn’t serving as a glaring example of her having all the spiritual depth of a person boneheaded enough to think tattooing “Pray for us sinners” on your forehead somehow makes you spiritually deep, it’s a fine example of a bad idea.  Like, a really bad idea.  Because it’s on your damn forehead, and only bangs can hide an embarrassment like that, which is like trying to hide the fact that you just pissed your pants at the bar by ripping a fart that could clear out a night club.  So while I’m pretty sure having a forehead tattoo automatically guarantees you a competitive spot at this year’s The Worsties, I at least think we can at least do slightly better than what we’re currently working with, so let’s all jump and see what we can come up with:

I don’t know.  I like it.  It’s simple and to the point, but if it comes off as too direct, maybe we should go in a more youthful direction:

I can’t quite tell you why, but I just don’t get that Team Jacob vibe from her, so I made an executive decision with this one.  If I’m wrong, I hope this doesn’t constitute as libel.  Legal quandaries aside, if you’re anything like me, you probabably want to get a little self-referential with it:

YES.  Take me out of curtsy classes, ladyfriends, ‘cos I’m finished.  But you don’t have to be.

Think about it: this is also just the tip of this terrible iceberg.  What would you suggest as a forehead tattoo?  Leave it in the comments below for all of us to enjoy, and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, here’s your very own Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner Bombshell McGee face:

To make all your wildest Photoshop hopes and comment dreams come true.  And by wildest, I of course mean trash-nastiest.

Oh, and obviously: TEAM SANDRA!!!

And much love to Megan for the inspiration.

3 Responses

  1. how about “Low-budget Kat von D”?


  2. […] that aren’t your wife, then rumor has it that Jesse James is just like you!  Well, the whole banging ladies with hideous forehead tattoos part is fact, but now there are all sorts of rumors circulating that Jesse James is a white […]


  3. why do females hate other women who are attractive. Its like “im ugly so Im going to blog about how rediculous bombshells tatoo is, god i wish i was hot like her”. You all are sad people, ill pray for you sinners.


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