Nobody Puts Baby in a Horner’s Timely, Responsible Reaction to the Saddest Mad Men News Ever

Even though it’s been months since Mad Men killed a piece of my soul, I’ve chosen to remain optimistic about Bryan Batt’s future with the series, but earlier this week TV Guide Magazine reported that Matthew Weiner is keeping Sterling Cooper’s prized gay out to pasture.  Even thinking about it now gives me a serious case of Paul Kinsey face:

Sure, it’s Matthew Weiner’s prerogative to do whatever he wants with Mad Men, and I implicitly trust his decisions as its showrunner, but on the other hand:

I wasn’t ready for Sal’s departure when it first happened, and I’m nowhere near ready to move beyond the denial stage of my Mad Men grief, which looks like this:

See, it’s appropriate because Avatar‘s success has made Titanic references relevant again.  And–seeing as it now seems that Sal’s got about as good of a chance of returning as popsicle Leonardo DiCaprio has of making it to America–because it’s a metaphor.  

Also, it’s another excuse to post this mess:

That one’s for you, Sal.  You’re here in my heart even if you won’t be on my TV anymore.

4 Responses

  1. It is so sad. Maybe he’ll be back for season 5 or 6?


  2. […] some good Mad Men news as I am–particularly in light of Mattthew Weiner’s claims that the next season will probably be no homo and that Mad Men will end after its sixth season–I’m pretty sure this news is my […]


  3. I love that this is titled “Screaming Queen sings Celine”


    • Right? We have Shmathan to thank for that brilliant flourish.


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