My Karaoke Will Go On

Thanks to YouTube, we can all rest a little easier at night with the knowledge that important moments from our lives will remain digitally preserved for all eternity (or at least ’til they’re taken down by the suits), which is obviously a good thing.  After all, it means we can all relive that one time Celine Dion got really intense while singing the Titanic theme song at the Oscars:

Or that other time that I tried to channel Celine Dion getting really intense while singing the Titanic theme song at the Oscars, but could only manage to channel a howler monkey:

I mean, I’m sorry for your ears, but the fact is you only have yourself to blame.  After all, did I ever claim I actually had any legitimate karaoke skillz?  Hell to the no, lady friend.

Many histrionic gestures of appreciation to Phil for ensuring this train wreck will go on for generations to come.

2 Responses

  1. I approve of this.


  2. I am so glad this will exist forever. It’s going to be part of my upcoming multi-media installation piece called “Too Gay to Function.”


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